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2020 Kickin It For Cancer Soccer Tournament Refund Request


2020 Kickin' It For Cancer Soccer Tournament Refund Request

Thanks to all teams for their patience and understanding while we captured the expenses paid for this years KIFC tournament. After all expenses were totaled SSC will be refunding $325 of the $365 entry fee paid. We appreciate and respect all relationships created to date and wish to retain the relationship with each respective team going forward. Please complete the refund registration form which will capture all the needed info to get  refund check sent to each team POC. 



 Chris Moller

KIFC Tournament Director



2020 Kickin' It For Cancer Soccer Tournament Teams Due Refund

Please see the list of teams below which are entitled to receive a refund of $325 of the $365 entry fee paid. If your team isn't on the list below please contact Chris Moller at for clarification.


Beach FC Matrix U15 Boys
Beach FC Strikers U10 Boys
Churchland Hotshotz U10 Boys
CSC 2007 Prodigy U13 Boys
CSL Phoenix U13 Girls
CSL Sparks (U12) U11/U12 Girls
CSL Wolverines U12 Boys
CUSC 06 FURY U14 Girls
CUSC 08 Black U12 Boys
CUSC 08 Girls Black U11/U12 Girls
CUSC 2006 Boys Black U14 Boys
CUSC 2009B Black U11 Boys
CUSC 2010G Black U9/U10 GIrls
CUSC 2011B Black U9 Boys
CUSC Boys 2010 Black U10 Boys
OBX Storm Riptides U14 Girls
ODSC Crusaders U15 Boys
ODSC Fusion U13 Girls
Rush 07G Nero U13 Girls
SMASH U10 Boys
SSC Fire U14 Boys
SSC Firestars U13 Girls
SSC Flames U13 Boys
SSC Flames (U12) U12 Boys
SSC Heat U13 Boys
SSC Hotspurs U10 Boys
SSC Sparks U9/U10 GIrls
SYAA Rampage U12 Boys
Tidewater Sharks United  U10 Boys
VAFC 07B U13 Boys
VAFC 09B U11 Boys
VIP United Futures U9 Boys
VIP United Tsunamis U10 Boys
VLSC 07 Peninsula Wizards  U13 Boys
VLSC 07 Williamsburg Wizards U13 Boys
VLSC 08 Penninsula Wizards U12 Boys
VLSC 08 Phoenix U11/U12 Girls
VLSC 08 Williamsburg Wizards U12 Boys
VLSC 10 Williamsburg Phoenix U9/U10 GIrls
WBSC Blast U13 Girls
WBSC Phantoms U15 Boys

Chris Moller

KIFC Tournament Director

Phone: 7572518761